Side Trips

Plataria is located near very popular destinations.

Here are some places, that  you can visit when you are in Plataria.


1.Sivota (12km)

Sivota is a scenic coastal village with rare natural beauty situated in Thesprotia, north of the Ionic Sea. Its beaches attract both Greek and foreign tourists, showing a significant increase over recent years.Sivota is well known for its sandy or pebbled beaches, such as: Bella Vraka, Mikri & Megas Ammos, Agia Paraskevi.


2.Igoumenitsa (12 km) 

Is the capital of Thesprotia. Its has a port that connects, Greece with Italy and also connects Corfu & Paxos. It recently opened an archeological  museum, which is worth to visit. During the summer, people tend to go out a lot at the local bars and it has a vivid nightlife. 

Igoumenitsa has a sandy beach called Drepano. Its ideal for small children, because it is really shallow. You can eat or drink at the beautiful beach bars or restaurant.


3.Parga (26 km)

Parga and the surrounding areas have many restaurants and seaside taverns serving fresh fish and unique local recipes. The character of the city is lively and modern but also with intense elements of the past.If you visit Parga, you should visit their organized beaches with their turquoise sea, such as Lihnos beach or Valtos.


4. Holy Monastery of Giromeri (35km)

The Monastery of Giromeri was founded in the beginning of the 14th century (between 1310 and 1320), at a time of prosperity of the Despotato (Kingdom) of Epirus. A Secret School and a Religious Seminary were in operation on the premises of the Monastery, during the Turkish occupation.


 5.Necromanteion (40km)

The Necromanteion  was an ancient Greek temple of necromancy devoted to Hades and Persephone. According to tradition, it was located on the banks of the Acheron river in Epirus, near the ancient city of Ephyra. This site was believed by devotees to be the door to Hades, the realm of the dead. The site is at the meeting point of the Acheron, Pyriphlegethon and Cocytus rivers, believed to flow through and water the kingdom of Hades.


6. The Acheron springs (40Km) 

The Acheron is a river located in the Epirus region of northwest Greece. Its source is near the village Zotiko, in the southwestern part of the Ioannina regional unit It flows into the Ionian Sea in Ammoudia, near Parga.



Paxi or Paxoi is the name given to the smallest group of the Ionian Islands. Ther is also Antipaxos (a smaller nearby island famous for its wine, and two of the finest sandy beaches in the Ionian Sea). The main town of Paxoi, and the seat of the municipality, is Gaios.In Greek mythology, Poseidon created the island by striking Corfu with his trident, so that he and wife Amphitrite could have some peace and quiet.You can take the daily cruise from Sivota or Parga.


8. Ancient Dodona (70km)

Here you will see one of the best preserved ancient theaters in Greece.


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