Plataria is a traditional village (population 1500) which is located in Ipeiros, region of Thesprotia. Its distance from Igoumenitsa and from Sivota is 12 km.

The combination of both mountain & sea has such a unique beauty. It has a picturesque  bay which length is 5 km.

In Plataria you can eat at traditional taverns and restaurants, with fresh fish and taste real greek cuisine. There are also some bars and clubs in the area. You can find bakeries, supermarkets and a pharmacy.

There is also a new marina with electrical,water and fuel facilities. The past couple of years, alot of tourists visit Plataria with their sailing boats or yachts. 

In general, Plataria is a quiet, scenic village which gives you a beautiful image of greek countryside: primative nature, delicious food, kind people and of course sandy beaches.

The beauty and the hospitality defines Plataria as " a place to be" for relaxing holidays for couples and families. This visit will be unforgettable! 


Access is very easy to Plataria either by car, airplane or ship.

Driving distance from Athens is 430 km (6 hours) and from Thessaloniki is 320 km (3 hours).

Nearest port is Igoumenitsa, which has connections with Brindisi, Bari, Ancona & Venice .

Nearest airports are located in Ioannina (IOA), Preveza/Aktio (PVZ), Corfu (CFU) and Thessaloniki (SKG).